Flower Crown Tutorial

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We have been dreaming of making flower crowns for months now. Our Pinterest is filled with images of these ethereal gems. In true ‘Wild Revival’ fashion: it was time to stop talking and start doing. So we gathered our (very short list of) supplies and went down to the lake and got busy.  We hope that this simple tutorial will help you bring this fun DIY to life.


  • Flowers
  • Greenery
  • Kitchen Scissors
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape 

We purchased our floral tape and wire from a local craft store. Your flowers can be right out of your garden or from a local flower shop. There is no wrong way to go with the type of flowers and greenery you choose to use in your crown. It’s whatever you like! 

1) Wrap the floral wire around your head to find out what size your crown should be. Keep in mind the crown will become more snug as you add your greenery and flowers, so be sure to keep a (little) bit of space when measuring your crown. Once you determine the most comfortable fit, cut off the excess wire. Twist the end and tuck the wire, covering the wire crown in floral tape. 

2)  Now you will cover your wire in your chosen greenery. We found the thinner branches of greenery worked best, due to them being easier to manipulate. Tape your greenery onto the wire as you go. This part can be tedious, but so worth it when it’s all done! 

3)  Now for the fun! Once all your greenery is secured, you can add your flowers. Make sure to leave 2-3 inch stems when cutting your chosen blooms. You will place your flowers one at a time, taping as you go.  Make sure you wrap the tape 3 times around your blooms, trying your best to avoid your greenery leaves as you go. 

Fill your crowns with as many or as little blooms as you wish.  Flower crowns always come out looking fun + whimsical. We feel that you can never have too much whimsy in your life.  

If you used our tutorial to make you own flower crown, let us know! #TWRhowto // @thewildrevival

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